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Are You A Man? You Should Drink This Home-Made Mixture To Make Your Body Strong & Healthy. Opinion!

This works efficiently for men because it increase the production of hormones that increase the amount of energy in make bodies.

I used to be one of those men that are leading a life that is limited by their poor health. Luckily that changed when first got introduced this healthy home-Made mixture.

This is one of the healthiest and easy to make mixtures that any man can ever find. Not only that, the ingredients are also cheap and they are also things that we utilize almost on a daily basis.

This mixture is enjoyed mostly as a smooth so you will need a food processor to blend all this ingredients into one healthy firm drink.

1. Milk.

This will serve as a source of calcium and it also have health cream that will increase the level of your body testosterone.

2. Green Pepper.

This is one of the most vital input because this is where the whole mixture will get its vegetably flavour from. It will also provide useful vegetables oils.

3. Ginger.

You can any ginger flavored drink or you can juss drink to grated fine pieces if ginger. It's your choice.

4. Eggs (optional).

don't usually add eggs tomy smoothly because innate the smell of are eggs. If You personally doesn't mind that awful smell, I suggest you add an egg to your smoothy because eggs are very vital when coming to men & the amount of Testetorone found in their bodies.

5. Cinnamon.

This is mainly for flavour

6. Sweets.

This one right here is optional and you can any flavoured sweets of your choice. I only add it because I always felt like the smoothly needed a lol but of sweetness.

You then add all the ingredients to a food processor so that you can process your inputs until they turn to a soft & thick drink.

I cannot promise you that the smoothy will taste great, however I do promise You That it gets the job done. Especially if you stay consistent by drinkimg this smoothly already thrice a week.

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