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Four Easy methods that you can detox your body

1. Have a steam bath.

Hydrotherapy can be practiced by taking a very hot shower for five minutes and allowing the water to run down your back while you stand in the shower. After that, wash your face with ice water for a minute. Perform this exercise thrice, and then lie down in bed for the next half an hour.

2. Get adequate Sleep.

When you sleep, your brain is able to reorganize and recharge itself, as well as eliminate toxic waste byproducts that have accumulated throughout the day. This is made possible by the process of sleep.

3. Replace your coffee or soda with a cup of green tea.

Consuming caffeinated beverages such as coffee or tea may really do more harm than benefit to your body. Switching to green tea, which is a far healthier option, is the best way to avoid the potentially hazardous consequences of this beverage. 

4. Fast.

You need to slow down if you want to get rid of the poisons that have piled up. You can improve your performance by fasting.

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