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Vocal warm ups exercises are extremely important.

At some time or another all of us have experienced that froggy voice thing going on in the morning after we wake up, this is due to the fact that our vocal chords are still cold and havent been used while we were sleeping.

The same thing can actually happen to us when we sing. If we dont do the proper Vocal Warm Up Exercises and start belting out a song on cold chords then we can actually run the risk of damaging our vocal chords, sometimes this can have dire consequences.

Vocal warm up exercises are incredibly important to a happy and healthy singing voice as they help to basically limber the vocal chords up. You need to stretch and move your chords just like an athlete needs to stretch and move and keep their muscles warm before competing in an event.

This allows for the voice to be at its fittest and to then be able to perform how you want it to. There are many many benefits to doing vocal exercises and it doesnt just have to do with the voice, though that is what they are mainly done for.

Vocal exercises help with breath control and posture, and will also help to strengthen the muscles needed for when you do sing. Everything combines together to make for a better performance and a longer lasting voice if done right.

However you should always take care when doing vocal exercises that you dont overdo it. It is all too easy to over train our vocal muscles and most times we wont even know we have done it till its already done.

The general rule of thumb to go by is, if you feel any type of fatigue, are light headed or notice any amount of pain in your throat then it is usually a very good sign that you need to stop and rest your voice. By stopping immediately you increase the odds that your voice will be safe and sound.

Once you get the hang of your vocal warm up exercise routine you will find that it just becomes second nature and you wont need to think about what comes next, you will also find that your voice is stronger and can handle a lot more than what you would have thought previously.

This is all due to the fact that you are building a strong foundation for your voice. Teaching the Vocal muscles and training them so your voice can reach its full potential.

You will also start to instinctively know when your voice is warmed up enough, each person is different so what may take you say 5 to 10 minutes might take someone else 15. It all depends on how well you have trained your vocal muscles from the beginning.

A good sound knowledge base is incredibly important when it comes to the voice, for it is such an easy thing to damage. As long as you stick to a good vocal warm up routine your voice will love you forever.

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