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Limpopo Men Cries Out After Receiving The Johnson &Johnson Vaccine As He Experience This || See Why



The people of South Africa have been wondering and thinking about what will it take for the pandemic to end. This is because it has now been more than 3 years since the country has been dealing with the virus.

People are now finding new ways to leave with the virus while others have decided to vaccinate so they can stop the spread of the virus. Even though the spread of the virus is hard to stop as there are more than half a million people who are still yet to vaccinate as the spread of fake news is standing in their way.

Today the country was shocked to see the men affected by the tumour that was caused by being forced to vaccinate against his will. This is because the employer found it fit that every employee must vaccinate. The man is alleged to have decided on the Johnson and Johnson vaccines so he can secure his job.

This is because if employees refuse to vaccinate then it will mean that they will have to lose their jobs. This then forced men to do what is right for himself of which he received his right was to take the once-off Johnson and Johnson dose. It is believed that this man after taking the jab, started to develop a tumour on the bottom side of his neck.

This happened a week after he was diagnosed with the vaccine jab of which he was forced to take. This man has been suffering from a bad tumour as it is now painful and Ramaphosa is not saying about this. Likely enough the ACDP leader Kenneth Meshoa finally intervened to assist the men suffering from a horrific pain that was caused by the alleged J&J vaccine.

What is your intake on this and why?

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