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Good News: 116 Coronavirus Cases and 20 deaths

Coronavirus and the fear of contracting coronavirus has been the centre of our lives for the past two years. South Africa is currently facing the third grade or Corona virus however there is good news as the number of cases are decreasing rapidly.

A total of 116 cases were recorded on the 9th of November and a total of 20 deaths related to coronavirus. These statistics are llower than shat was recorded yesterday.

At some point South Africa was recording over 10,000 coronavirus cases in a day and thousands of deaths.

These numbers has seemed to decrease constantly and this could be because of two reasons.

Either the vaccination is proving its efficiency and is actually doing what it is meant to do or like anyways the Third Wave is coming to a downward trend before it Rises Again into another wave. A fourth wave of coronavirus is expected to start in December.

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