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OPINION | The Botswana health sector is still investigating about the new detected covid variant


Until the Botswana Government BWgovernment summons the courage to do what Western Governments have been doing naming the country of origin of the people carrying the variant, Africa will carry the stain including Botswana itself, don’t protect those that don’t protect you BotswanaBotswana and South Africa did the right thing to advise of this new variant. It is the correct and honourable thing to do and it should what we expect from our scientists and by doing so it means we can trust them in future. Sadly we can’t say the same for most politicians. Just because others behave badly doesn’t mean one should join them, the world will be grateful in the end. I’m sorry the reaction affects people now. Sometimes I wonder how western countries demean us and surprisingly we still welcome their citizens, am hoping for a situation where western citizens are also banned from entering our countries because of the virus

The question is, the new variant was discovered by the Botswana team of scientists led by the Zimbabwean doctor?Then the variant was discovered in SA, then the British government immediately introduced a ban on South African flights from flying into Britain, amongst few other nations banned is Zim. Remarkable just few weeks ago, the UK government exhorted SA and Zambia to act on the Zim situation, few weeks later South Africa goes against extending special permit exemption for Zimbabwe. So this means if South African tourism sector which is boon to the economy of SA is crippled by the newly discovered variant, this will result in more job loses. Then the more SA is affected,the more it goes hard on Zim. Now I understand the new variant, I guess you do, the British wants Zimbos to go out of SA and go back to vote out Zanu, the same position they took a few months ago when they deported Zimbos in pretext of purging criminals

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