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She Got A BBL Surgery To Get That Hourglass Figure But Mzansi Feels Otherwise About Her New Body.

Date || 21 November 2021

Source || Twitter


Nowadays, a lot of women go through surgery to get the ideal body and face that they want. They are willing to fly to different countries and pay thousands of rands to get the surgery that they want to be done. Sometimes, doing the surgery overseas might come with some consequences because if you experience some complications from the surgery, then you have to go back there and get them fixed. So, therefore, you must have enough money for all of this.

This lady I'm going to talk about however didn't go overseas as she got her BBL surgery in Port Elizabeth. She currently resides in Johannesburg, so she, therefore, didn't have to travel that far to get her surgery done. Her name is Xoli Gcabashe but she's famously known as Miss XO6 on her YouTube channel and all across her social media platforms. 

Photo credit: Instagram

So, as I have mentioned above, Xoli went to Pretoria to get her surgery done and she even documented the whole experience on her YouTube channel and, you can go check it out if you want. Her surgery went well and she even showed us how her body now looks like on the vlog that she did on her channel. Now, since time has passed and she has healed a bit more, Xoli, therefore, decided to show us how her body looks like as she has recovered a bit more and can even stand up straight. 

Photo credit: Twitter

Now, while some people were happy for her and were celebrating her new body, some were not feeling her new body and made it be known. Some of those that were not feeling Xoli's body even said that Xoli wasted her money because they don't see what surgery. What these people expect to see is a small waist and a big features on the lower part of the body, however, that's not what Xoli wanted as she just wanted a nice looking body which doesn't look too much. 

Photo credit: Twitter 

Photo credit: Twitter 

Photo credit: Twitter 

As much as we are used to women who have gotten BBL to look a certain way, we need to understand that not everyone wants to look the same and, therefore, people have preferences when it comes to how they want their body and face to look like. 

Photo credit: Instagram

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