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Food that could kill you(castor oil makes the list)

The list below consists of foods that can cause death if they are consumed without taking necessary precautions and preparations. Most of these dishes are common, making them easy to access can be proven hazardous. I hop this guide saves lives, now let's get to it!

1. Red Kidney Beans: If you undercook red Kidney beans or eat them raw without taking measures to make sure they are edible, you'll start experiencing headaches, diarrhea and vomitting last night's curry rice. Best way to prepare them is soak them for hours and boil for atleast 10mins, it's better to be safe than sorry , right?

2. Castor Oil: most people use castor oil to cleanse themselves and detox, what if I told you castor oil could potentially kill you? It comes from castor beans, and one beans has been proven to contain enough ricin to kill 1000 people, make sure the caster oil you bought has been medically tested an rendered safe

3.cinnamon: everyone uses cinnamon right? For medical and to give food some extra texture and taste, but remember cinnamon is raw bark from cinnamon tree which may be hard to swallow or ingest raw, do mix it with other foods, to avoid scarring your lungs and choking to death. 

4. Ackee: this is a Jamaican fruit, it looks very tasty as it has yellow and shades of red when ripe. As much as it looks tasty, it could make thins go bad for you with just a single bite. You should only eat the yellow part only after it has been cooked right! Do the opposite and you'll experience seizures and die. 

The information provided above is to ensure safety if you ever encounter yourself with those foods, proper research should be looked into before any of these go into your mouth. Follow like and share for more. 

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Castor Oil Red Kidney Beans


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