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Opinion: We Were wrong about the Vaccine, It may not offer the protection we thought it did.

When the vaccine first started rolling out, many people saw it as a saving grace. A way to protect us against the devastating pandemic that has already taken so many lives. It seemed like a blessing. However, now that a considerable amount of time has past, new research shows that we may have been fatally wrong. The vaccine, and our beliefs in it seems to have been misguided and people who took the vaccine may once again be in danger soon. Below is all the information on this new research, as well as how scientists hope to remedy it, followed by my personal opinion.

The Vaccine and it's waning protection :

The vaccine was meant to protect us from the pandemic and for the most part it did its job and is still doing it job. However some scientist do not believe that this will last for a very long time, as the vaccine starts to lose its effectiveness. The anti bodies in the vaccine, which protects us against the virus, are slowly but surely fading away and leaving us more and more defenseless. This creates a situation where even though millions were spent on rolling out the vaccine, it may end up being superfluous. So what's the plan and what are scientists going to do about it.

The next logical solution :

Scientists believe they have come up with a solution to this problem. They believe booster shots will strengthen the vaccine and once again offer us a large amount of protection against the virus. While nothing has been confirmed yet, it seems that these booster shots will be administered in a rollout the same way the vaccine was. However the government has not confirmed whether we will receiving them or not as the issue is stil currently being discussed. However there is also a bigger issue of whether people will choose to take them or not.

Will people agree to take them :

There is currently a lot of mistrust surrounding the vaccine, in which many people are reluctant to take it. This mistrust comes from the spread of conspiracy theories and fake news. It's created a culture of people who are afraid to take the vaccine within our country. As they believe that it will cause harm to them. This means that a lot of people are still unprotected against the virus. However here's my opinion on the issue.

What should we do :

The Vaccine still stands as our choice, however with this new research and possible booster shots, I am currently very doubtful of taking it. The only was to remedy this issue is through serious research from valid sources. This is what I will be doing and it's what I believe that everyone else should be doing too. The only was to deal with the issues we currently face is through education. What do you think of these observations, will you take the vaccine and the booster shots. Tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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