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OPINION: Most South Africans will eventually take the Vaccine, This is why

Personally I believe that while vaccine hesitancy is a huge issue in South Africa, many people will eventually choose to take the vaccine. This is why.

The Vaccine and any possible dangers it may pose has been a hot topic in South Africa for the longest time. This vaccine hesitancy has dividing people into those who want to take the vaccine and those who don't. However my opinion is that soon all this won't matter, because even though people are holding firm in the choice of not taking the vaccine. Their resolve will eventually cave in and they will take a vaccine. Previous evidence supports this.

Past and Current battles we have failed :

In the past South Africans have fought similar battles. Just last year there was a whole issue surrounding 5G cell towers, in which South Africans believed it would be bad for their health. They vehemently fought against it and made it known that they didn't want them around. Fast forward and that controversy is dead, and the 5G network has been rolled out in Some parts of the Country. I am not saying that I supported the previous controversy in any way, I am just saying that people ultimately gave up on their beliefs after creating an issue about it.

This, and other battles South Africans have made it there duty to fight in the past, I believe is proof that after a while people will eventually give up. Either they forget about it, don't have the energy to fight anymore, or they relent to the proof that they are wrong. This article is just to illustrate that, I do not have a preference between taking the vaccine or not. What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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