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South Africans should stop supporting Dischem Pharmacies, says a man on twitter after the letter.

Welcome back everyone! Thank you so much for all the support you all have been giving me ever since I started writting these short articles. Your support means the world to me and do not stop, continue to share your thoughts for future content. Now let start, todays short story is about the letter issued by the Dischem Phamarcy regarding people employees wh do not want to get vaccinated.

This one particular man shared this letter at the top and said that South Africans should stop supporting Dischem Phamarcies. What is your take on this letter? Read it ans share your opinion.

A lot of people are against what he said, they say that they will continue buying from dischem because what Dischem is doing is the best for all. They want to protect everyone in and out of their stores. They are not forcing anyone to get vaccinated but they are helping them to be on the safest side.

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