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Covid-19 |People share horror stories of why they never went for their 2nd dose of the vaccine.

While Covid-19 vaccine rollout out is currently underway in south Africa many are still questioning the safety of the vaccine. For those who have received the Covid-19 vaccine have many different stories to tell, from the good to the bad and also the horrific. For those who got the single dose of Johnson and Johnson vaccine it was all over and done with but those who received Pfizer had the second dose waiting for them. If you look at the stats not everyone who went for the first dose of Pfizer went back for the second one. It's quite questionable but one Twitter user asked why people didn't go for the second those and many strange stories arose from the comments to that question.

For many they didn't want to go for the second those because of the side effects they had after receiving the first dose of the vaccine. Side effects are quite common which can be from a painful injection area to a headache and many more while some have zero side effects.

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