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KZN Pastor Drops Bombshell After Exposing Covid-19 Vaccine


In KwaZulu Natal a pastor has claimed while speaking to members of the church that the coronavirus does not exist and that people's minds are being played with. Pastor Dr HQ Nala said he isn't against the use medicine for healing and that he wasn't saying people should not take a vaccine but rather that the vaccine being given doesn't help since you are able to catch Covid again.

"I am telling my people to not go to it. No Plentian should touch any vaccine. If by all means they attempt to force you contact me so i speak to those wanting to force you. Before they put your vaccine they must write down an agreement that if anything happens to you, we’ll hold them accountable,” said Nala.

Pastor Nala went further saying that in science if you tell yourself you're sick you will be sick then by wearing a mask you agree there's a disease. The pastor made bold claims saying that the virus is fake and nothing but a myth.

There are mixed reactions to what pastor claimed some saying the Covid will get to him and won't have mercy and on the other hand others saying that he is speaking the truth as they gather and never get. What are your opinions. Is Covid real or not? 

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Covid-19 HQ Nala KZN KwaZulu Natal


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