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7 Best exercises to start growing your hips & buttocks

Ready to add some mass to your back side? you can perfom the following butt-boosting excersise in one workout, or you can add them them to a lower body or full body routine atleast 2 days per week.

Glute bridge : Safe excersise for beginers the glute bridge isolate and strengthens your glute muscles hamstring and core while also improving stability in your hips

jumping squats : this pylometric exsersise will boost your heart rate and help strengthen your glutes, hamstring quads and calves

walking lounge and weights : walking lunges are an excelent excersise for building and toning glude muscles while also targerting the quadriceps and improving your balance

Single leg deadlift : the single leg deadlift is an intermidate to advanced move that targets your glutes and hamstring it also challenges your balance and core stability

Clamshel : the clamshel target the deep glutes muscle (gluteus medius and minimus ) which are often neglected when perfoming excersise like squad and deadlift smaller than the gluteus maximus

Banded side step : the banded side steo targets your glutes as well as your hip muscle. For a deep burn in the glutes perform banded side steps with another lower body excersise like squats or lunges

Donkey kicks : Target your glutes in a way many excersises can't. they focus solely on all three of your glute muscles and are a great move for targeting and firming your rear end.

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