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Bad news for the EFF

We realize that there are numerous antibodies all throughout the planet that have been endorsed for the avoidance of the Coronavirus pandemic that has overwhelmed the world. Anyway in South Africa, there are just two antibodies that are available for use which are the Johnson&Johnson and Pfizer immunization. 

There have been countless debates with regard to the endorsement of the antibodies. We have government officials like Julius Malema who has been supporting the endorsement of the Sputnik antibody. We saw individuals from the EFF walking to the SAHPRA office in Pretoria where they requested that SAHPRA ought to endorse Sputnik vaccine. The EFF did this infringing upon the covid19 guidelines that were set up. 

We realize that Malema once said that he need the Chinese and the Russian antibody and he even blamed the president for advancing the European immunizations. Sooner or later he was inquired as to whether he has been inoculated and would not reveal if he has been immunized, saying that he would not like to give individuals some unacceptable impression as he would then be asked which antibody he has utilized. 

SAHPRA has been Engaged in a moving survey of the information for the Sputnik V COVID-19 antibody since February 2021. 

This immunization was created by the Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology Microbiology in the Russian Federation. The privately authorized candidate is Lamar International PTU (Ltd). 

The antibody has been dismissed by SAHPRA in light of the fact that there is the dread that it may expand the shot at men being contaminated with HIV. 

This is actually a blow for the EFF in light of the fact that they have endeavored to guarantee that this immunization is supported in the country. Knowing how the EFF works, they may very well blame SAHPRA for being in some scheme of some looked for. It won't be past them. How about we simply prepare ourselves for anything

Bad news for the EFF after SAHPRA rejected one of their favourite vaccine:Opinion - Opera News

Sahpra rejects emergency-use application for Russia’s Covid-19 vaccine (

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