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10 Reasons You Should Consume Raw Honey Daily (Backed By Experts)

First and foremost, it is important to stress that you should opt for the "raw" kind if you plan to consume honey for its health benefits. This is because it only undergoes minimal processing, which means it still contains all of its beneficial properties. Also, it has minimal impurities when compared to its processed counterpart.

Here are ten crucial health benefits you can get from the daily consumption of raw honey.

1. Is a rich source of antioxidants

Consuming honey regularly can help you attain your required daily intake of antioxidants. According to scientific research, honey's antioxidant properties could be a result of the combined activity of a wide range of compounds, including phenolics (aromatic compounds), peptides (proteins), organic acids, and enzymes.

2. Can lower cholesterol in some people

You can use raw honey as a substitute for sugar and other refined carbohydrates to lower your cholesterol and levels of lipids, experts report.

3. Can help you lose weight

Adding raw honey to your diet can help you lose weight, and thankfully, it is an excellent and naturally occurring alternative to processed sweeteners. The enzymes in the raw honey act to suppress your appetite and ensure that you feel full and consume fewer food quantities.

4. Has antibacterial properties

Raw honey has been certified as an antibacterial substance by health experts, thus its extensive usage in medicine. This antimicrobial effect of honey also makes it very good for wound healing.

5. Can help prevent heart disease

Doctors advise taking a spoon or two of raw honey daily to improve your cardiovascular system's health and prevent heart disease. This is because the raw honey contains potent antioxidants that prevent bad cholesterol, reduces blood pressure, and helps blood flow better, all of which promote the health of your heart.

6. Aids digestion

When you consume raw honey, you help your gut microflora. It stimulates colonic probiotic bacteria and also helps eliminate toxins in the gut.

7. Is a natural remedy for cough 

According to experts, one teaspoon of raw honey contains about 21 calories and can quickly soothe an irritating cough thanks to its antimicrobial effects. To use, add two teaspoons of natural honey to a glass of warm water with some lemon juice.

8. Aids wound healing

The beneficial properties of raw honey make it a soothing remedy for wounds. Scientists report that honey moisturizes the wound, provides a protective barrier, kills off microbes, and has a low pH. These collective quicken wound healing.

9. Can boost brain health

Research studies performed to examine the antioxidants in a raw honey show that they significantly affect your brain. They also report that honey lowers the effect of oxidative stress in the brain.

10. Is beneficial for the skin

Raw honey can act as a natural moisturizer and cleanser for your skin. It can also reduce skin blemishes and keep your skin looking young as it contains antioxidants that neutralize the free radicals that contribute to premature aging.


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