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Concerns about Covid vaccine immunity

Following up on articles about the Covid- 19 vaccine this one caught my eye which is concerning. Covid vaccine immunity is waning. How much does that matter?

"Six months ago, Miles Davenport and his colleagues made a bold prediction. On the basis of published results from vaccine trials and other data sources, they estimated that people immunized against Covid-19 would loose approximately half of their defensive anti- bodies every 108 days or so. As a result, vaccines that initially offered, say, 90% protection against mild cases of disease might only be 70% effective after 6 or 7 months".

"Immunologic studies have documented a steady decline of anti- body levels among vaccinated individuals. Long- term follow -up of vaccine trial participants has revealed a growing risk of breakthrough infection. Health care records from countries such as Israel, the United Kingdom and elsewhere all show that Covid-19 vaccines are loosing their strength , at least when it comes to keeping a lid on transmissible disease. That's without accounting for the Delta threat either".

"What remains unclear, is to what degree the immune system's safeguard that protect vaccinated people against severe disease, hospitalization and death might be fading as well". "That" says, Davenport '"is the million- dollar question at the moment".

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