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Why is vitamin B complex important?

2020-07-28 10:34:38

First of all let's start with what vitamin B complex is,

Vitamin B complex is a combination of eight B










Each of these vitamins play a very large role in your

overall bodily function.

What are the benefits?

Vitamin B play a vital role in maintaining good

health.As the building blocks of a healthy body,

vitamin B have a direct impact on your energy levels,

and cell metabolism.

Vitamin B complex prevents infection and also

supports the following,

Cell health

Growth of red blood cells

Energy levels

Good eyesight

Healthy brain function

Good digestion

Healthy appetite

Proper nerve function

Hormones and cholesterol production

Cardiovascular health

Muscle tone

There are of course foods that contain vitamin B and

they are as follow





Chicken and red meat



Dark green vegetables

Avocado and potatoes

Whole grain cereal


Nuts and seeds


Soy products

Here are some information on vitamin B deficiency,

Skin rashes

Cracks around the mouth

Scaly skin on lips

Swollen tongue





Irritability and depression


Abdominal cramps



Numbness and tingling in feet and hands

But remember that although this is the symptoms of

vitamin B deficiency, it may be other causes of

medical conditions too. So its always a good thing to

first ask a health care provider if it may be a cause of

Vitamin B deficiency that's causing your symptoms,

and also take in mind to ask if it is safe for you to

take vitamin B complex.

How much vitamin B complex do I need you may


Well if you take a vitamin B complex tablet the

pharmacy will normally tell you how many tablets to

take in on a daily basis. Also they are super cheap to

buy I pay about R10 for 30 tablets. You do get more

expensive vitamin B supplements. But I buy mine

from my local pharmacy and it's less expensive.

My personal experience

I started taking vitamin B complex tablets for 6

months now and besides the health benefits, I can

also see and feel a difference in my skin and hair. My

hair is more shiny and more full of life. My skin is also

more softer. I do exercise every morning and my

energy levels also picked up after taking my vitamin B

tablets every morning. I take mine an hour before l

start my exercise routine and I feel more energetic.

Just keep in mind that this is only my personal

experience and it may not work the same for


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