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Eight Signs that you are mentally strong

Mentally strong people live their lives differently from weak people. If you want to win in life, you need to be mentally strong. The best part is you don't need to be born that way. Mental strength can be built over time with consistent habits. If you possess at least half of the traits which I will mention below you can consider yourself as a strong individual.

1. You are sober

Life is hard and you know that but you don't escape reality through addictions. You prefer to solve your problems as opposed to running away from them. you understand that solving your problems will give you a better quality of life. Most people often don't understand how do you face life sober. Some shame you for it. You too, on the other hand, also feel sorry for them because you don't see any benefits in drinking alcohol. You understand that addictions don't make life easier instead they do the opposite.

2. You are self-reliant.

This doesn't mean that you don't ask for help. What I'm talking about here is that you are emotionally self-reliant. You don't turn to others to reparent you. Even when you are in a relationship you prefer to be your own person. For example, if you are a man you don't turn to a woman to get what you didn't get from your mother.

3. You take responsibility for your life

You don't blame others for where you are in life. your life is your responsibility. I used to blame my parents for my failures. I used to believe that I can never succeed because I came from a broken home. You need to understand that where you are in life it's your fault. Your parents did their best to raise you. Holding a grudge will prevent you from growing.

4. You are self-aware

Being self-aware means that you know yourself. You know what makes you thick. you are aware of your thoughts. You are an individual. You have a strong sense of I am ness. Sometimes you make come as full of yourself. You just know what you want out of life. You know your strengths and you also are not ashamed of your weaknesses because you know that there will always be room for improvement.

5. you are disciplined

You do what is necessary as opposed to what is easy. You know that it is not fun to do strenuous exercises but if you want to be strong and healthy, you have to. When you are disciplined you can say no to things that detach you from your goals. When your friends invite you to a party and you know that you have to study for an exam, you are not afraid to disappoint them.

6. You change it or you accept it

This means that you don't worry about things you have no control over. If you can't change it just accept it. You cannot change your height and you also cannot change your pointy nose. So why are you so worried about it. Just focus On things you can control and your life will be much easier.

7. You are not afraid to be alone

Being alone doesn't intimidate you. You don't depend on other people for happiness. You are alive even if you are alone. You enjoy your own company. This is the time you enjoy your hobbies such as reading.

8. You exercise

You understand that exercise doesn't only build physical strength it also strengthens your mind. constantly challenging your body In the gym will build mental toughness

Now it's time for me to hear from you. What are other signs of mentally strong people? Or which of the things I mentioned above you don't agree with? You can leave a comment in the comments section below.

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