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Covid-19| Here Is Why They Say The Forth Wave Could Begin in this November

Date: 19/10/21



On Monday the 18th of October 2021, South Africa was very shocked when an article from power FM was released stating that the coronavirus fourth wave in South Africa could begin as soon as 15 days from now. This was the estimate what was given by the advisory committee of Gauteng which states that it is likely that Gauteng will be in the province to enter the fourth wave of infections first.


Many people wanted to know the reason behind this and it has been explained that there's one reason that could guarantee this from happening it's because of the events that are happening in the province. It was said that there are a lot of super spreader events going on within the province and the fact that it's election time and campaigning doesn't make it any less easy.

This date was decided upon by the committee after they looked at the reasons behind the increase in infections and the behaviours of the people who live in the province. It was found that people from the Gauteng province are those that like to be involved in super spreader events like concerts and going out to clubs and throwing outdoor parties. These are the events that the comment is talking about when it says they might cause the fourth wave of infections.


Although there is a perfect justification for this statement made by the Gauteng government, it is very scary to know that virus could be getting worse soon. The current statistics being reported by South Africa's health department has not shown any signs of a fourth wave coming but the health department is still insisting that within 15 days this might happen.

The big problem here is that when you look at yesterday statistics they show that South Africa registered around 200 new infections which is one of the lowest the country has recorded since the pandemic started. Which brings the question of how is this photo is going to come about exactly?

What is your take on the matter hand? Do you think that the reason makes sense?

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