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In shock: Covid-19 vaccine is causing Heart inflammation

In shock: Covid-19 vaccine is causing Heart inflammation.

It seems like the side effects of Covid-19 vaccines are getting more and more, with now life threatening side effects like heart inflammation.

It has been now reported that Heart inflammation rates arebhigher after Moderna COVID-19 vaccine in Canada data.

This is shocking and it's not something that can be ignored like that. The data also indicated heart inflammation occurs more often in adolescents and adults under 30 years of age, and more often in males.

There are three primary types of heart infections including:

Endocarditis: Endocarditis is an infection of the heart’s inner lining or valves. It must be treated immediately so that it doesn’t turn into a fatal condition. It typically occurs when germs travel through your bloodstream to your heart and attach to damaged heart tissue.

Myocarditis: Myocarditis is a rare condition that is caused by a viral infection or autoimmune response and leads to inflammation and damage of the heart muscle.

Pericarditis: Pericarditis is the inflammation of the fibrous sac surrounding the heart known as the pericardium. This heart infection can arise after a heart attack or heart surgery or because of an inflammatory autoimmune condition such as arthritis.


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