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Lebo SA who successfully removed HIV from a sperm cell huge medical breakthrough

Meet the woman who made a medical breakthrough in South Africa following the successful removal of HIV on the sperm cell in the lab, it was given that she had done 20 semen decontamination procedures simply means that (removing of HIV from sperm cell). So far she managed to remove the virus successfully, maybe she will later be able to cure it on people living with it.

To South Africans have all the reasons to be proud of the woman called Lebo Moatshe, a young woman that had work hard in finding solutions in helping people living with HIV hence now people can give birth to children without infecting the child to be born with the virus.

It will be a great use to South Africans because a lot of people are living with the virus but wish not to give it to their children, this breakthrough made by Lebo it will help a lot of South Africa together with another country affected or that will need her help.

In the past year the virus took many lives and it had no cure recently rumors about another country finding the cure of the virus, but it is not yet in operational.

Ntshiki said I'm one person who have been born with the virus I'm sacred to have children thinking that I will pass the virus to my offspring, I really hope and believe that this does end up on social media only but start operating and help us that need to have children but in fear that our kids will be born with the virus.

As we can see people do have fear of giving birth to children with the virus and this breakthrough will help a lot of people all cross the world, it should get started already.

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