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The danger of smoking marijuana

A full understanding of how marijuana affects the coronary heart and blood vessels remain confined with the aid of a lack of enough research, but some chemical compounds in hashish -- specifically THC, the chemical at the back of marijuana's "high" -- have been linked to an expanded danger of heart attacks, heart failure, and atrial fibrillation, the declaration says.

Marijuana is "just like any different medication," stated declaration author Robert Page, a professor of scientific pharmacy at the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, in Aurora. "Medications have side effects, and some of those facet outcomes can be cardiovascular, and we're nevertheless trying to discern that out with cannabis."

Page and his colleagues on numerous AHA councils and committees scoured the clinical literature for evidence involving the outcomes of marijuana on the heart.

They got here away concerned that marijuana can affect the body in methods that ought to harm coronary heart health.THC in specific interacts with receptors that spark off a person's sympathetic worried system, Page said.

As a result, your heart should start beating hastily or irregularly, your blood vessels ought to constrict, or your blood pressure could skyrocket -- all stipulations that enlarge the hazard of heart attack and. The way marijuana is atis eaten aincreasesease stress on the heart. Smoking pot has been shown to expand blood concentrations of carbon monoxide fivefold, and carbon monoxide has been related to the problems like chest pain, heart attacks, and a, abnormal heart rhythms. e Pot smokers also journey a threefold amplify in tar, which is inhaled through partly burnt plant matter, according to the report.

On the different hand, the other main marijuana chemical, cannabidiol (CBD), appears to slow heart rate, lower blood pressure, loosen up the arteries and doubtlessly limit inflammation -- all matters that are potentially precise for heart health. But until there are better statistics on dangers versus benefits, "we truelytrulyt advise that people use marijuana," said Dr. Johanna Contreras, director of the division of heart failure at Mount Sinai St. Luke's and Mount Sinai West, in New York City.

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