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OPINION : What To Expect At The Next Nation Address

A date has not yet been set for the next nation address. However the president did mention that there would be a review made onto the regulation next week Sunday the 5th of December.

These are some of the things you can expect at the next family meeting :

1. Restrictions on alcohol sales.

In the past the does Grace has shown that when people have access to alcohol they become more careless and often contributes to the High numbers of people admitted in hospital. The reason why alcohol is often restricted is to keep space in hospitals for people suffering from coronavirus.

2. Restrictions on travelling.

Restrictions might be imposed on travelling as certain provinces are affected more by Corona virus than other provinces are currently affected by it.

3. Stricter lockdown.

There's potential that the country might be put under strict lockdown. Which might regulate movement as well as change curfew time and operating times of businesses.

4. Vaccination.

The government is still urging individuals to get vaccinated. It is important to get vaccinated in order to achieve herd immunity as a country.

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