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A Patient Is Complaining About The Bad Service They Have Been Offered In Pelonomi Hospital

In most government hospital there is poor treatment of patient. Hence it is very much important when you choose a career. There are people who do not have a passion for working with people. They cannot be patient with people. When you are working with people you need to patient with them. In most hospital nurses are being cruel to their patients. They do not help them with pure hearts. A person goes to a clinic or hospital injured and they will just look at him or her like she is crazy. They will be going around and not attending the person. Some you can see that he or she is injured but they will not care about it. They will sit down and gossip and laugh to that person.

Some people are afraid to go to hospitals because they are afraid of how they will be treated. Some they even go to a length of beating them up. Sometimes people are blocking their blessings from God by having evil he eats. Some they will not give them food not drinks. A Lady by the name of Meisi Molema posted on Facebook that she is not happy about Pelonomi hospital.

People shared the post , some they even shared their experience about the hospital. It is sad to see how people are being treated. People forget that Life is a wheel and what you do to others can come back to you. No one is above God. Before you decide to become a doctor or a nurse check yourself out. Do not just choose the career because you want a job. You need to love people and be passionate about them. People die right in front of you but you choose to do nothing. There are those people who just go to the hospital just to see and you end up losing your job because of the way you treat others.




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Meisi Molema


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