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Check: girl who admitted to have used her HIV/AIDS intentionally as a tool to do revenge.

Jackeline Njoki Mwangi had admitted to having contaminated many men with HIV/AIDS intentionally as she had to find out about HIV/AIDS when she was youthful arouyearmen 19 years since she had reached it from another man who didn't ensure themselves. 

Jackline needed to support her life by selling her body since her mom didn't adore them with her sister, the mother is said to have moved to the United States. 

In the meeting with Tuko Host, she opened up about contaminating many men intentionally in light of the fact that she was additionally not cautioned by a man she laid down with when she was 18 or 19, she said it wasn't her duty to ensure them as well. 

In the meeting, Jackline said if a man needed to lay down with her they could have utilized a condom however they didn't set out to ask or take it out, so she saw it fine with ulterior rationale to contaminate them. 

She opened up in light of the fact that she is presently 36 years of age and feels sorry about it so now she apologizes for it. 

Jackline now is out, she is presently making attention to all men that they ought to be mindful so as to lay down with each lady they see without condoms since they wouldn't have the foggiest idea about the thought processes of that lady. 

Mwangi askes her family to pardon and request that they quit mishandling her more often than not, solidarity is the thing that asking and lives an upbeat family. 

See the full meeting with having Host on YouTube. 

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