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In shock : Zim Official Contracted Covid-19 In Zimbabwe Then Came To SA Where He Died

Prominent Zimbabwean human rights advocate Dewa Mavhinga has died from Covid-19 in South Africa, the unfortunate news although sad does not sit well with the ordinary members of the public who have been stressing the fact that South Africa has been taking a lot of foreign nationals and most of the time you might even find out that they have the virus.

He was the Southern Africa director for Human Rights, and it is believed that he died here in South Africa despite all the efforts of the medical specialists in order to ensure his survival and there is the unfortunate incident that we are experiencing in the country.

Mavhinga recently attended a funeral in Zimbabwe where he’s feared to have contracted Covid-19, unfortunately after undergoing several tests it was discovered that indeed he did positively have the COVID-19 virus and he took the necessary measures such as quarantining himself in order to survive but unfortunately he succumbed to his ailments.

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