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Stop smoking these cigarettes if you do not want to die young (OPINION)

Cigarettes are very dangerous, but because companies that manufacture them are responsible, they alerted smokers by printing the necessary information on every box of cigarettes before they distribute them, unless those cigarettes were distributed by an illegitimate company.

A cigarette on its own is very dangerous and addictive. The people who are dependent on it smoke now and then. Legit companies mix Nicotine (a colourless, poisonous alkaloid derived from the tobacco plant), tar (the toxic chemicals found in cigarettes), carbon monoxide, arsenic, ammonia, acetone, toluene and methylamine to make cigarettes without menthol. Menthol is derived from peppermint and is added to some cigarettes to give a cooling sensation when a person inhales the smoke. Since menthol makes cigarette smoke feel less irritating in your throat, it is widely believed that tobacco companies use this additive to attract younger people to pick up the habit.

Most kids smoke nowadays and they think it is alright to be seen smoking cigarettes. They do not know about some of the dangers involved. When they start smoking their behaviours change. Most of them start disrespecting their elders. People smoke, but they respect their parents and everyone who is older than them.

You can die from lung cancer, heart vessel diseases or contract tuberculosis if you are a smoker.

Another fact is that the tastes of cigarettes are not the same, others feel less irritating in the throat and others are too irritating. There are cigarettes that you will not even find at any far-famed retail store kiosk, only in the black markets. Their names are Remington Gold, Savannah, Rudland and George, Sahawi and Navy among others. They are extremely harmful. Smoking cigarettes from the brands above can make your kidneys and stomach painful for a very long time. Sometimes you will bleed when you cough. One cigarette from these brands is worth only R1.00.

Smokers have to stop smoking cigarettes that are not available at the kiosks of any retail store. It means they are counterfeits. By buying those cigarettes you are also supporting criminals who shipped them into our country illegally.

You will not even be sure what is added in those cigarettes because some of their boxes are just plain.

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