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Popular Sangoma gogo Maweni spill the beans. Find out what she said on podcast with MacG

Celebrity customary healer' Gogo Maweni ''beat the examples list right after appearing in the latest episode of Podcast and Chill With' 'MacG'.


The unscripted TV star dive into her classified life and the kind of pets she asserts, saying that she doesn't include her snakes for dark wizardry.

A couple of online diversion clients took to the plan and continued faulting her for practicing 'dim divination' , while others shared that it's commonplace for a sangoma to guarantee snakes.

'Gogo Maweni' is continuing on the schedule. The standard healer appeared in the latest episode of Podcast and Chill With MacG.

'Gogo Maweni' beat the examples list right after quitting any funny business with her pets on 'Web recording and Chill With MacG'.

The unscripted TV star, certified name 'Makgotso Lee-Anne Makgopo' , is outclassing the examples list following sharing such pets she keeps in her room.

She plunked down with the webcast's group and centered around her secret life and calling. The sangoma continued on Twitter the second she became real about her pets. She dismissed that she includes the snakes for dull wizardry. In a moving catch, 'Gogo Maweni' said:

"My house is overflowing with snakes, we have 5 snakes, one owl, two bunnies and we have two turtles and three wonderful canines... I don't include these animals for anything. I love animals."

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