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Eat Mulberry fruits every day and experience this

Mulberries are super fruits which you can eat fresh or dried. They are packed with vitamin c ,iron ,calcium

They provide your body so much health benefits from lowering you body cholesterol to fighting cancer and reducing obesity.

Mulberries come in a variety of colors ranging red, white , lavender and black. These wonder fruits contain carbohydrates that converts sugar into glucose thereby providing energy to the cells.

Consuming mulberries increases your iron intake and ensures ample supply of oxygen to your tissues.

Here are some of the health benefits of eating mulberry:

It improves your digestive health

It controls your blood sugar

Improves blood circulation

Reduces risk of cancer

It improves the health of kidney and liver

It build bone tissue 

It promotes brain health

It lowers the cholesterol level in your body

Cures anemia

Promotes better heart health

It makes your skin soft and radiant

Its not just the fruit that you can eat,the leaves ,the bark can also be made into edible items.

you van also dry mulberry leaves and make tea with them.Mulberry tea is as beneficial as eating raw mulberry fruit

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