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Bad News Hits South Africans. Union Blasts Government For Shortage Of Staff In Health Sector


Covid- Covid 19 new infections continue to grow and last week in Gauteng 24,000 new illnesses have been detected. Young Caregivers Indaba Trade Union: Public health never was pandemic ready. Union argues the government does not do enough to develop new community-based hospitals. The country is officially in the third wave of the pandemic, stated Thursday the National Institute for Communicable Diseases. The weekly figures from Gautenge Health Division show that the province has over 30,000 active cases, representing more than 40% of all active cases in South Africa.

The union argued that public health will never be ready. Workers were neglected because of a lack of sufficient EPI and resources. The situation is anomalous and cannot be resolved overnight, she said. He added that health personnel were under pressure and did their best in the scenario, but claimed that they felt neglected due to the absence of sufficient PPE, resources and social distance. Speaker Gauteng Health Kwara Kekana voiced alarm over the growing frequency of Covid-19 infections in the province.

"You need more than the calling to be a nurse in South Africa," he remarked. The Department of Health of Gauteng expressed concern at the worrisome spike in Covid infections on Thursday in a statement. The Department urges all the people in the province to play a part by taking preventive measures in order to protect themselves and help restrict the propagation of the virus.

But in the Gautenge Health weekly Covid.-19 update, the figures show that over 3500 persons have been admitted to hospitals because of Covid, including 1085 in ICU stations. It added that 550 oxygen patients were received, while 398 fans were received – both in general and in the ICU. There were over 3500 patients admitted to hospitals in the province in the third wave of admission, with more than 50 percent more patients in need of care. In order to attain herd immunity, the province had to expand its mass vaccination strategy. "The province continues to monitor compliance with Covid's policies in communities, schools and other public locations," Kekana said.

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