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Level 3 to Level 1 When Will Alcohol and Cigarettes ban be Lifted?

Drinkers and smokers are waiting with blated breath,as the sale of alcohol and cigarettes still remains a source of uncertainty.

-Level 3 Moderate Virus Spread,with. moderate readiness

•Sectors permitted - liquor retail within restricted hours - buy from 8:00 to 12:00

• still waiting on confirmation submitted by (LTASA) The Liquor Trade Association of South Africa Surname Alphabet system and extended hours

Cigarettes - NCC influence has cast doubt on lifting cigarettes ban.

-level 2 moderate virus spread ,with moderate readiness

• all retail business will be allowed to operate

• movements of transport between provinces restricted depending on final regulation of level 3

- level 1 moderate virus spread,with high readiness

• all sectors permitted

• all modes of transport with stringent hygiene condition in place

Inter-provincial movement with restriction on international travel

• Most critics say all limitation on cigarette should be lifted at this stage.

• Bars ,tarven and pubs will only open once all lockdown measures are lifted completely. This will also depend on final regulation.

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