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Dear Men, Stop Making Use of These 5 Dangerous Things, They Can Kill You before Your Time

In this our little world, there are things that men consume which serve as a treat to their health, life, and wellbeing. If you want to live longer as a man, I have listed below some things you should abstain from. 

1. Stop taking hard drugs

Hard drugs/medications are entirely dangerous to your health, apparently it seems that not only are consuming hard drugs nowadays, women are also involving themselves in this bad, and unruly habit. If a drug is prescribed to you by a doctor, you should take it exactly as it was prescribed. You should also stop self-medication, because the drugs you take contain very high chemical reactions.

2. Stop using earpiece frequently 

The mistake every individual makes every time, is that they ignore warnings which leads to death for those that does not adhere to it. Earpiece is meant for private stuffs, as in if you don’t anybody to listen to your voice note, this is probably the best way to do that. Likewise, using it frequently can cause damage to your eardrum. Meanwhile, it can also get you killed on the road. I will advise you to stop using it frequently.

3. Quit utilizing oppressive words on individuals you don't have a clue.

As a human, you should stop using offensive/violent words on people you hardly know, or don’t even know anything about them. People are very desperate nowadays, they can do the worst. Do not stay so high and belittle others just because of the privilege you have over them. 

4. Stop using polythene bags for food items

Have you ever wondered why this polythene bag has been flagged off, this is because it is one of the main causes of cancer. Cancer is a deadly disease that can kill without considering the position of the being. I am advising you to stop these bad.

5. Stop using E-cigarettes to smoke.

People who smoke are liable to die young, this is an inscription written on the cigarette pack. There is a new invention which reduces the worries of smokers. The e-cigarette was invented to help smoker who don’t like way there hand, and lips look like after smoking. A high numbers of smokers agrees that this invention is good. It is an electronic means of smoking; it kills at a faster rate than smoking cigarette in the normal way.

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