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Finally| South Africans Gets An Answer on the "No Vaccine, No Alcohol" issue

Date: 25/09/21



Not so long ago, South Africa was caught in a mix of emotions when it was announce that alcohol retailers were exploring a new regulation. This new regulation said that people who have not gotten vaccinated should not be able to buy alcohol.

This was a suggestion that was made to many alcohol retailers and they wanted to get some time to think about it before deciding on it. This according to the suggestions was an attempt to have more people get vaccinated and help the country fight the coronavirus.


On the 24th of September, alcohol retailers in South Africa voiced out how this displeased they were that that suggestion was even made. They said they will not be taking this suggestion to heart as it would hinder a lot of business. They do not like the decision at all and they will do whatever it takes so for it not to be applied.

This then means alcohol lovers now have no pressure to get vaccinated as they can still buy their favourite alcoholic beverages without a vaccine. This whole issue was proposed by the health MEC in Limpopo. The whole idea came from a good place as far as the health department in the province was concerned but it was not received that way. South Africans really enjoy their alcohol and do not want anything to hinder it.


This is good news indeed as it is now obvious that they will not use alcohol to influence People getting vaccinated. It was said from the get-go that people should get vaccinated when they want to and nothing will be forced upon them.

This whole idea of no vaccination and no alcohol was just an attempt to force people to get vaccinated and it is a good thing it did not work out. What can be said is that it is not final whether or not the law will be applied but the alcohol retailers have voice that how they are displeased by the suggestion and do not want the law to be passed.

What is your take on the matter?

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