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Stop Drinking This LiquiFruit Products NOW; Toxic Fungal Discovered

Only roughly 7,000 cases of LiquiFruit 100 percent apple juice products are affected by the recall, according to LiquiFruit owner Pioneer Foods.

Apple concentrate given to the PepsiCo subsidiary was discovered to have increased levels of patulin, a hazardous fungal substance found in rotting apples, according to the company's announcement on Friday.

Pioneer Foods acknowledged to Fin24 on Friday that it has had a lengthy connection with the supplier. It issued a recall of some of LiquiFruit's 100 percent apple juice products after finding patulin levels over the regulatory standard of 50 parts per billion (microgram/kg).

According to the World Health Organization, the toxin can cause vomiting, nausea, and gastrointestinal problems. The quantity of items affected by the recall, according to Pioneer Foods, is "very minimal."

The following LiquiFruit 100 percent Apple Juice items are affected in South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia, with the applicable batch and production codes listed below:

LiquiFruit Clear Apple 250ml carton

Single unit barcode: 60052599

Date coding: PD 11.06.2021 / BB 11.06.2022

LiquiFruit Clear Apple 330ml can

Single unit barcode: 6001240225561 Date coding: PD 07.06.2021 / BB 07.06.2022

PD 08.06.2021 / BB 08.06.2022

LiquiFruit Clear Apple 300ml can  

Single unit barcode: 6001240239346

Date coding: PD 21.06.2021 / BB 21.06.2022

LiquiFruit Clear Apple 1L

Single unit barcode: 6001048000339

Date coding: PD 07.06.2021 / BB 07.06.2022 PD 08.06.2021 / BB 08.06.2022

Ceres 100% Apple Juice products sold outside of South Africa are equally affected, although Ceres products are not available in this nation.

“The health and wellbeing of our consumers is of absolute importance to us, and hence when we identified the potential of a food safety issue, after in-house standard testing and engagement with one of our local suppliers, we immediately launched an internal investigation into all our 100% apple juice products,” said CEO Tertius Carstens on Thursday night.

Those who have products on the recall list are urged to return them to the retailer from which they were purchased, to receive a full refund.

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