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Opinion - Vaccinations will rule our lives


For those in the know, please remember today is Paul Kruger Day... While you wish to argue and reason non-facts, vaccinations are also unavoidable contrary to popular belief and social media.

Sad. Isn't it?

Truly speaking, theorizing about whether to take a jab or not doesn't work anymore. All places from aeroplanes and restaurants to offices and public places are shutting at a rapid pace.

That's the reality check you need to do before upsetting yourself in this wonderful day of our lovely Oom Paul. The fact that something makes your stomach run, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist because you cannot see it.

In less than 15 months, if unjabbed you will not enter malls or use public transportation. Many European countries are now close to implementing such measures.

The vaccination rates are climbing in the world. For example, France is at 72%, Switzerland 60%, Portugal 86%, and Malta 84%. Other countries have even higher rates such as UAE 96%, Chile 84%, and PRC 79%.

There is even a proposal to prescribe vaccinations to children as young as five in places like the USA.

Soon we'd be walking in the streets as Pfeizer, Moderna, Sputnik or Sinovac. We are now color-coded but we don't really know what is what. The only thing we know is that we need to wear these colors on our sleeves.

That is the new world we are moving towards. If you cannot be identified according to these new categories, you will not travel, access job opportunities or move freely.

The advice for you is that just wear your epaulets to display your rank.

In the same you cannot a job or open a bank account without being registered in terms of a national population register that is internationally recognized, the new categorization will dictate what you can and cannot do.

Uit die blou van ons hemel!

Only those with top insignia will lead the line as in the armed forces.

As an illustration, when the coronavirus gaffes started people agreed to subjected to "house arrests" or lockdowns. As things stand, mandatory tests, face masks and sanitizers have become a norm.

We barely recogize your face anymore: you have literally covered your face for over a year now.

Let us just say, compulsory vaccinations complete the process that was started in March 2020. National laws, among others, will soon undergo amendments to give employers and others to enforce compulsory vaccinations.

Just last week, the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) opined that "a general law mandating Covid-19 vaccination in South Africa would not necessarily be a human rights infringement".

Kuphelile. Ho fedile.

Unfortunately, you played along and didn't question, let alone violently opposing these impositions that you did not approve. So, it is too late to turn around and refuse to cooperate.

Vaccinate and sleep in peace. We're dead in anyway from GMOs and other nonsense. The only ones who have an option probably spend all their time in mountains like my brethen in the Drakensberg.

Democracy and personal freedoms are overrated in any case. Soldiers and others squeeze your balls and beat you up when you don't observe curfews and rules meant to "curb the spread of the virus".

A soldier's boot has helped to ensure low rates in infections and deaths all over the world, so we are told. Amazing world we live in.

If anyione doubts that vaccinations will rule our lives, just observe what will happen in the next 12 months.

In addition - The reality is that not a single question that the anti-vaxx have raised have been answered with confidence & credibility. Let them keep their economy, the anti-vaxx will eventually form their own economy & we will remain a dual world separated on the vaccine status. Of the 2 worlds, we will see who will be best zombiefied 5 years down the line.

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Paul Kruger Day


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