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Are You Always Hungry? Here's The Reason Behind That

For our bodies to function normally, we rely on food as our main source of energy and nutrients. If you find yourself craving food even after you've just had your meal, then you should really consider looking into that and find out what may be the cause. In this article we have shared 3 major contributors to this problem and how you can take the necessary steps to get it checked out.


1.Not getting enough sleep

A lot of people are suffering from what is referred to as insomnia. This is a disorder that causes you to fail time and again to sleep. There's various causes behind it and in some cases it requires medical attention. If you don't get enough sleep it can result in a hormonal imbalance that causes your body to be unable to control hunger. It's because the body is tired and end up looking for ways to fill that gap and the best place to look is through food.

2.Poor diet

You need to eat a healthy diet that comprises of all the food groups at all times. This includes high in protein foods like meat and fish. Besides that you also need to have enough intake of fruits and vegetables which are high in fiber. What i will emphasize is that, not all fats are good. Saturated fats are bad for your body and should be replaced with healthy ones like olive oil. Failure to do this, will result in you feeling hungry even after you've just ate.


In worst cases where one has type 1 diabetes that is associated with the bodies inability to convert sugar into glucose that can be used by the body, it can result to constant hunger. I would suggest that you have it checked out with a medical doctor if any of the symptoms appear:

— Always thirsty

— Sudden weight loss

— The need to pee more often

— Fatigue

We hope that this article has clarified some of your lingering questions behind always feeling hungry. Let's keep the conversation going on the comments section below, we'd love to hear from you. For more informative articles like this one, make sure you follow us and never miss out. 

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