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Skin Care

7 Body Parts You Don't Have To Wash Frequently

When it comes to hygiene, you are expected to be healthier the more you prepare and clean yourself.

 However, it is important to note that there are times when cleansing the body is more harmful. This is because some parts of the body do not need to be cleansed often to stay healthy.

 Below are 7 body parts that should not be cleaned frequently.

 1. The ear canal

 You will tell me that most people use cotton swabs to clean their ears. Doctors, on the other hand, are discouraged because this practice could do more harm than good.

 According to them, the skin of the ear is very fragile and the use of cotton soaps can cause swelling, irritation and small tears on the skin of the ear canal. Also, this can make the ears more itchy, which can lead to infection.

 2. Private room

 When it comes to your private room, there are some products or soaps that may not be good to use. For example, the use of fragrant soaps, deodorants, lotions, and other products can disrupt the natural balance of bad and bad bacteria in the environment.

 In fact, it is often referred to as the "self-cleaning oven" because it helps to cleanse, lubricate and protect the body parts by producing various fluids and fluids.

 3. Eyes

 To avoid any problems, try as much as possible to avoid cleaning your eyes. This is because the lacrimal glands help to produce tears, which not only help to moisturize the eyes, but also to protect and cleanse the eyes from irritation and other debris.

 4. Nose

 Agree with me Most adults are guilty of nasal congestion because it can cause swelling and bleeding in the nose, which can lead to nasal congestion.

 When you feel dirty or congested, the best thing to do instead of using your nose to pick your finger is to use a saline spray or rinse. Also, make sure you use purified water to prevent any harmful bacteria from entering your nose.

 5. Colon

 Doctors believe that bowel cleansing is not necessary because the digestive tract already helps to get rid of impurities. The only important example is when preparing for a colonoscopy.

 6. Hair

 One of the main reasons you do not wash your hair often is that it can lead to skin disease or scalp problems.

 If you use shampoo on your hair too often, the chemical component of the shampoo can serve as an irritant. People with normal hair follicles should wash their hair every two days, and some people with dry scalp should limit their hair at least once or twice a week.

 7. Arms and legs

 Although it may seem appropriate to always rub your hands and feet in the bathroom, it is not necessary because these parts do not produce much oil. So, by using oil every day, you can keep the skin dry.

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