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After taking the Vaccine, the needle disappears. Why does this troubling event happen.

Many people are currently debating taking the vaccine at the moment and many others are downright refusing. I personally haven't taken the vaccine yet either and there was a few things I didn't know about it. A new video recently released on social media, that shows a vaccine syringe and needle, revealed something troubling to me. below is everything you need to know about this troubling revelation, the video and what it all means.

Why does the needle dissappear :

The video, which you can watch by clicking the link below, shows what happens to the needle and syringe after the vaccine is injected into you. In the video a nurse demonstrates that by pushing the bottom of the syringe the vaccine is injected into you. However once she lets go off the bottom of the syringe, the needle seems to just dissappear. This left many people on the comments section of the video troubled. Here's what they had to say about the situation. However if you want to watch the video first click on the link below :

Many people were vehemently against the vaccine after seeing this video, with some even suggesting that the disappearing needle goes into your arm.

One Woman related her own bad experience with the vaccine saying that she fainted multiple times after taking it. While she wasn't telling people not to take it, she did ask them to be careful.

One man said that he wouldn't let them use the needle on him as he believes it will damage his "Blood Veins and cells".

However one Woman did offer a good explanation for what she believes happens to the needle. She claims that it was a retractable needle and it went back into the syringe after. While this does seem like the most likely theory. I'm interested in what you have to say about all this. What are your personal beliefs about the vaccine, do you think it's safe and will you take it. Tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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