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More Unexpected Information On Vaccines Comes Out

Date: 22/10/21



For as long as vaccines were in existence, people always knew that there were different brands or manufacturers to choose from. In South Africa, we started with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine and stuck with it for a long time due to the fact that other vaccines weren't available. We late introduced the Pfizer vaccine but there was only one common rule, you choose one or the other. There were no ways one could mix vaccines until now.


It has been reported that the FDA in America wants to approve the mixing of vaccines. This comes after almost all the vaccines brand released information that booster shorts were needed. Now they are saying that a person does not need to take the booster vaccine belonging to the manufacturer or brand they initially took but can take any other brand of their choice.

This means that people who took the Johnson and Johnson vaccine can choose to take the Pfizer booster shot or vice versa. All this came out after it was found that mixing vaccines actually increase protection in individuals. This is something that was forbidden in the beginning but now it seems it will be allowed to happen.


All this information is catching people by surprise. It seems every day new information on the vaccines comes out and has people wondering what exactly is happening. First, it was said that people only need to vaccinate once off but now it's said they will need vaccine boosters.

Secondly, people were not allowed to take different vaccines but now they can do that. It seems to me that there is a lot that these people do not understand about these vaccines yet they want people to inject themselves with them. All this conflicting information has made people afraid of vaccination.

What is your take on the matter?

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