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In Shock| Vaccinate whole world to end pandemic, UN chief tells Davos

A huge stir has been caused on social media after something disturbing has been announced and a lot of people cannot stop talking about it. It is quite disturbing that although the Covid-19 infections are declining it seems like the government is still pushing the agenda of vaccinating people and this is making a lot of people to wonder why. During the festive season last year people were allowed to go out and drink just like they used to before, this made people to feel like we have gone back to normal.

No one expected that they will be still vaccination rollouts and it will be made mandatory. UN chief Antonio Guterres told the all-virtual Davos forum on Monday that the world must vaccinate everybody against COVID-19 to ensure a way out of the pandemic. There are people who do not want to vaccinate and they have their own personal reasons therefore the government should not impose it on anyone.

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