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Stop Surgery, Checkout The Dangerous Negative effects of Surgery. (PHOTOS)

Cosmetic surgery, as any other type of surgery, carries hazards. Complications from plastic surgery procedures can range from an unpleasant or unnatural end outcome to scars and even death.

Women most especially make the mistake of thinking that elective (optional) operations like cosmetic surgery aren't as serious as other forms of surgery. However, all surgeries, even minor dental treatments, have the risk of catastrophic consequences. Aside from the usual dangers of surgery, there's always the possibility of anesthesia-related complications.

1. Poor Cosmetic Outcome:

This may be the worst worry of a plastic surgery patient: a result that not only fails to improve appearance, but rather worsens it.

2. Scarring.

This is one of the most Pronounced dangers to getting an attractive result, and while it is not always foreseeable, it can usually be mitigated. Scarring can be reduced by not smoking, eating healthily after surgery, and following the surgeon's instructions throughout recuperation.

3. Nerve Damage or Numbness.

Nerves can be injured or cut during any surgical treatment in some situations. If it's a face nerve, though, the impact is more visible. After those nerves are destroyed, it might result in the inability to form facial emotions, as well as drooping of the eyes (ptosis) and lips.

4. Hematoma.

It is a segmentation of blood outside a blood vessel. This can develop after surgery; this typically results in an area being swollen and bruised in appearance, with a pocket of blood beneath. In some instance, this is minor, but a hematoma can be large enough to cause pain and even decrease blood flow through the area. I

5. Necrosis.

Surgery or complications following the operation can result in tissue death. Necrosis is usually mild or nonexistent, and regular wound healing eliminates any dead tissue from the incision site.

6. Bleeding.

Bleeding can and will happen throughout every surgical operation. However, When bleeding is severe or persists after the wound should have healed, it becomes a problem. Bleeding after surgery can indicate that the patient is very active too soon after the procedure.

7. Death.

Every procedure comes with the possibility of death. Even though the chance of death is less than one percent, even minor surgery can result in death.

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