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You Can Now Win R1000 For Getting Vaccinated In South Africa: Good Move Or Not?

Getting the jab could get you R1000 from the government.

Professor Salim Abdool Karim says the country is in the grip of the fifth wave of Covid-19 infections. He further said that even with fewer hospitalisations no one should become complacent.

Over 2,900 new COVID-19 cases have been recorded, with Gauteng still leading infections with 1,386 cases, KwaZulu-Natal second with 528 and the Western Cape is third with 417.

Meanwhile, the government has come up with a plan to incentivize young people to take the jab. The jab is said to be the most reliable way to defend against COVID-19. Young people in South Africa are being encouraged to get their COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots, through a new reward program called ‘Ke Ready’ or ‘I am Ready.’

People between the ages of 12 and 34 can win R1 000 every week for getting their jab by creating videos of themselves getting vaccinated. The aim, in my opinion, is to create hype, but without having to pay each person, accept a few that can win. I haven't heard of details thus far, as to how many people can win, accept that every week 5 video makers will win until the 30th June 2022 - not sure if the program is running already.

These clips need to be shared on social media with the tag #Keready2vax.

Reading the social media response to this rewards program shows that South Africans are not convinced. One twitter person said that she is disgusted as it reminds her of the time the New York mayor was giving out free burgers for every vaccinator.

I personally am sitting on the fence on this one. I just haven't seen any vaccine that is so promoted, and that can be very scary for many - especially with the looming vaccine apartheid that is not being allowed entry into certain spaces, get certain jobs, etc merely on the fact that one is not vaccinated - not that they are sick, but not vaccinated.

What are your thoughts on this? Do share this article with your friends, loved ones, and colleagues, and let's hear what they have to say - and maybe they can be encouraged to take the jab. Also, do follow me for more articles that are worth your reading time.

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