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Personal Health, Harsh Effects Of Smoking On Your Heart And Lungs

Smoking is an activity that used to be hated throughout the world. Only old men who were tired of living used to smoke in the old days, it was a taboo to see a teenage or young adult boy smoking. Things have changed these days, most of the Smokers in the world are teenage boys, even girls have started to flood the squad.So many people smoke these days that we have forgotten that it's a health risk. A cigarette is made out of a plant called tobacco, but there are also some added chemicals which are thrown into the mixture. This is why the old wise men used to roll the tobacco in rizla themselves to smoke, it was to avoid inhaling those harsh chemicals. There is a chemical called tar inside a cigarette, this is the same material that they use to build roads with,the black stuff. These chemicals are what help to get toy addicted, so that you return to buy cigarettes for your whole life. Smoking raises a person's blood pressure which in turn raises your heartbeat, your heart will end up having unusual beats and it will end up becoming tired. Your lungs are also a very big concern because they are engulfed in smoke each and every day. Meat and smoke don't go well together, you are cooking yourself from the inside out. If you think about it clearly, you aren't as active now as a smoker as you were when you weren't a smoker. This is because your body can't operate at peak performance if it is not clean. Smoking also damages brain cells which eventually leads to loss of concentration and paranoia, it also damages your teeth. These are all disadvantages, so if I were you I'd just quit. Let's Love Ourselves.

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