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Mogau Motlhatswi is getting rid of those excess fats. Summer bodies are made in winter she says.

Obesity is a big problem across the world. People spend thousands of rands trying to lose weight with little to no success. Many engage in diets that they wish would help slow down the build up if fats in body.

A lot of celebrities use all kinds of technology to burn the fats. One such celebrity is Mogau Motlhatswi. She paid a visit to the health spar to have excess fats removed. From her smile, it dies not appear to be a painful process.

Losing weight can be a lengthy and costly process especially if you work in the entertainment industry which can be very judgemental.

Because celebrities are in the public eye all the time, they must look a certain way in order to continue getting jobs.

Mogau Motlhatswi is a South African celebrity who plays the part of Mapitsi on the local soap opera Skeem Sam. The show plays weekdays on SABC ONE between 6 and 7.


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