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JUST IN: Man Exposes Vaccine Sent To SA Tags Vaccinated People With Unique Bluetooth IP Code Tracker

JUST IN: Man Exposes Vaccine Sent To SA Tags Vaccinated People With Unique Bluetooth IP Code Tracker.

Since the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine, we've heard of crazy weird news of the adverse effects especially those that point out to links of being chipped and tagged. This doesn't seem like it's gonna end anytime soon.

Just yesterday, we saw the obvious deception and wickedness of the western nations towards the black child, the horrible plans of the elites billionaires against the African continent. Which is to depopulate and control the black race with chips. The United States President, Joe Biden, said they've rejected 60 million Astra Zeneca Vaccine and it would be sent to other nations like South Africa.

Furthermore, about three months ago, it seemed as though a South African man who claims he was implanted with a chip without his consent. Is being silenced by the government for speaking up.

Then middle aged man known simply as Phaphama, narrated with picture proofs of multiple scans he had which showed the shocking indications that he has indeed been chipped during his vaccination exercise.

Recall that whilst the vaccination process was going on, many Christians and non religious people were against the vaccine saying it's the New World Order's means to tag and chip people in order to monitor them.

The we saw a viral news which was a Russian hacker saying he has found a database that shows Covid-19 vaccinated people’s information, their vital signs, exact location, sleep status and much more.

Although his information was shadow banned by major search engines and social media platforms, a number of people got to see this information, although not enough yet.

However more news are going viral that indeed the Russian hackers submission was indeed true. A certain man has cried out that he's now a living and moving gadget device.

In Mr Makia Freeman's narration on the freedom Articles and Mr Henry of USSA news, a certain man who has been completely vaccinated has complained that he feels he's been monitored by the New World Order one way or the order.

According to the video posted on, a certain man said since his vaccination he's been feeling okay, but something weird keeps happening, Bluetooth devices tries to connect to him wherever he goes to.

This revelation is so shocking as it seems it's the same 60 million vaccines that were rejected by the United States government, Astra Zeneca Vaccines, sent to African is the same vaccine the man reported to have had him tagged.

The man brought his phone out showing notifications of a bluetooth pairing requesting a device called “AstraZeneca_ChAdOx1-S.” Yes you heard it right, the Same Astra Zeneca Vaccine had little chips in them with IP Address codes like Bluetooth devices meant to be pairing with something believed to be database.

This new revelation has since caused an uproar and fear gripping millions around the world, as many are seeking the elites and governments provide answers.

On the other hand, others have began sharing the information in order to warn millions not be vaccinated with the Astra Zeneca Vaccine, so as not to be tracked.

I believe that a word is enough to anyone that has an ear.

What do you think about this?

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