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5 Medical Reasons That Lead To Having Swollen Feet

It is true, though, that swollen feet can be caused by many different things that aren't caused by disease or infection. When your feet get bigger because of things like sprain and strain as well as salt retention and long periods of standing and sitting, they are more likely to be swollen. These are just some of the things that can cause this.

However, having a swollen foot can also be a sign of some diseases or infections that need to be taken care of quickly. When it comes to this, we'll be telling you about some medical conditions that can cause your feet to get bigger.

1. Kidney Disease

A person who has kidney disease is more likely to have too much salt in their blood, which can cause them to store it. This can cause them to be sick. This can make the feet or ankles swell. People who have lumps on their feet should go to the hospital right away.

2. Edema:

The arms, ankles, legs, and feet are the parts of the body that are most likely to get edema. Edema itself can happen because of some diseases in the body system that can't be cured.

3. The Liver Is Sick

When there is a problem with the liver or it doesn't work well, fluids are more likely to build up in the feet. This can cause swollen legs or feet. In terms of liver diseases, people who drink too much are the most likely to get them. Obesity and other viruses can also hurt the liver in people, which can make them sick.

4. The heart doesn't work.

When the heart doesn't work, blood won't be able to get to all the parts of the body. A lot of the time, this leads to swollen feet and legs, as well as water retention. Is your heart not at risk? If so, go to the doctor right away.

(5): Blood clots

If blood changes from liquid to a gel-like or semisolid state and gets stuck in the feet, it is likely to make the feet swell. Some people can treat blood clots. They tend to be healed within weeks, but this is just based on how bad and where they are on your body.

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