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Ladies, Avoid Consuming These Three Things When You Are On Your Menstrual Monthly Flow

A menstrual cycle is considered to begin on the first day of a period.

The average cycle is 28 days long; however, a cycle can range in length from 21 days to about 35 days.

The steps in the menstrual cycle are triggered by the rise and fall of chemicals in the body called hormones.

Across the length of your period, it is typical for between 5 to 80 ml (that's up to 6 tablespoons) of menstrual fluid to leave your body (10).

The heaviest days of menstrual bleeding are usually at the beginning of the menstrual cycle (around the first and second day).

Periods aren’t easy they can cause pain and severe discomfort in many women, Which is why it is important to eat healthily when menstruating.

Agrees Dr Rohini Patil, nutritionist and founder of Nutracy Lifestyle, who says, “menstruation doesn’t hurt itself, but the cramps or other symptoms may be uncomfortable.

During this time, girls should take extra care of their diet and sanitation.”

In this article, there are basic things every Lady should avoid during their period to prevent any harm to their body.

1) Avoid Caffeinated Drinks:

Turn down the volume of coffee—one of the main drinks you need to avoid during your period. This really helps, because caffeine is a stimuant, which leads to a fluctuation in your hormones, and that is something you definitely want to avoid during your period.

2) Avoid Sugary Foods and Drinks:

Remember that sugary foods include sources of refined carbs, such as white bread, pasta or rice and not just those obvious sources like cake and biscuits that taste sweet and sugary drinks includes sodas, juice etc.

All of these foods and drinks can cause a sudden spike in your blood sugar levels and, in turn, your energy levels.

3) Avoid Alcohol:

When a lady is on her period, she should do away with alcohol because alcohol can worsen her period symptoms like headache, fatigue, and lots more.

So you should not consume alcohol when you are on your period.

Cramps can make you feel more than terrible and drinking during periods can lead to prolonged cramps and pain.

This happens because alcohol consumption can lead to dehydration, which can leave you more susceptible to cramps. So, if you are already having cramps, alcohol can also make you feel weak.

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