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Covid-19 SRD Applicants, Whose Application were Declined. Do This Within 90 Days Of The Outcome



Covid-19 SRD applicants, Whose applications were declined. Sassa urged them to appeal for reconsideration within 90 days of the outcome.

Sassa has acknowledged that many applicants were rejected due to different reasons, Some of those reasons are invalid. Sassa apologies for the inconvenience and they urge applicants to appeal their application if they believe that they were wrongly rejected.

Those who haven't appealed, are informed that the process of appeal takes 90 days. Failure to do so, their applications will be canceled. All applicants with rejected applications are advised to lodge appeals within 90 days of the outcome.

Sassa has noticed that many applicants were receiving SRD grants while they have other alternative incomes. The right candidate for the SRD grant was complaining and sassa considered their complaints, they doubled checked their applicants and many people were rejected.

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