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Terrible news for those who have already been vaccinated. See what the prophet has said about them


Photo: Twitter

As it has been estimated long time back, there is a new variant that could come around December or during November. People have been wondering why the government is not doing anything to try and stop the danger.

Lots of questions have been popping up on what is going to happen on those who have been vaccinated as it was said that the upcoming virus might be different from this one.

Could this mean they have to get vaccinated again or they would be safe?

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After those vaccine stories and theories of vaccines, the famous sangoma has mentioned this about the vaccine.

According to Ra sangoma, "there’s a new virus that is coming and all those who were vaccinated will be made to vaccinate again over and over. The moment you take the first shot of vaccine, you’ll automatically be required to take the next one in sequence each time."

Photo: A tweet from Rhadebelihle about the new virus.

For the previous days, Rhadebelihle has been warning people about not take those vaccines and he has been advising them on how to flush off the virus out of the body if they are not fine with it.

He also prescribed some remedies to clean their bodies.

After the prophet made these prophecies, people have reacted in a bad way and they mentioned if they would be wanted to be vaccinated again they will not allow them to do so.

The real truth is that not everyone is clear about covid19 and what has caused it. A lot of people have been saying that it was planned by the world leaders to curb the world's population.

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